“Pizza Con Piña”, Danny’s new single and the last one of 2020 already has a release date.

It will be on Friday, December 18 when “Pizza Con Piña” will be available on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, and other digital platforms.

The music video will premiere on Vevo the same day at 9 AM UTC + 1.

“Pizza Con Piña” is the song that puts an end (or so it seems) to “Esquizoofónico”, which will be his debut album in Spanish.

The song is reminiscent of dance-pop from the 90s and mixes styles such as hip-hop, funk and dance. Just as he did on “Brat“, his previous single.

With influences like Marky Mark & ​​the Funky Bunch, C&C Music Factory, House of Pain and the Spice Girls, the new single speaks of the reappearance of a love that had already been forgotten. A strong message of independence and self-developement towards a painful and toxic relationship.

The music video shooting was at El Mítico in Alicante. For this, he once again had Gustavo Randaxhe and Rafa Romeu as the 90’s kids. In addition, Adrián Rodríguez returned to star the role of the Brat. Although this time from a totally different point of view.

This will be the first video to be released on the new Facebook platform, Music Videos, which can be viewed directly from the official Facebook page.

The cover of the single includes a photo of Danny with the 90’s kids and the Brat. Just as if it was a magazine collage.

Portada del single de "Pizza Con Piña" de Danny

As previously, the video for the English version, “Pineapple Pizza” was also shot. The release of the English version has no specific release date yet. However, plans for its release is for January 2021. Thus, it will be Danny’s first single of 2021.

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