The 90's kid

If there’s one thing that Danny knows how to do, that is standing out amongst the rest, making himself noticeable in a thousand and one ways, between them, telling his own stories and using the music as his main instrument for this. And the thing is that each song takes part of the artist’s life lessons, who put himself for the first time in a recording studio the day of his 16th birthday, with the only support of a young producer.

By that time, he already had a bunch of stories to tell, and the experience of a teenage boy, who comes from an ordinary and humble family and a place where being successful is a synonym for unreachable, shows up amongst his songs (“Fall Down/Stand Up”).

At the age of 17 and with really little economic resources, Danny had already recorded two demos (“See U on the Other Side” & “Take Me Home”) and taken part of the first public casting for the Spanish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, not very far away from the famous faces and known artists whom he couldn’t snatch a secure position into the finals for the Spanish entry. And he also took part of the 2013 RTVE contest, aiming to the 10th position in the public voting between more than 200 contestants.

Having very small resources and after recording in a professional studio a small amount of songs, Danny decides to embark himself in the music production and records “The Cigarette Boy”, the first single of what would give birth to his debut album, “Schizophonic”.

Art and Danny have always been part of the same being, wether it is through music, photography or drawing. That’s why he’s in charge of all all of his projects, either writing in Spanish and English (“Adiós, California”, “Feliz Para Siempre”), composing and producing and creating his own songs (“Goodbye, California”, “Heroin”), designing the artwork for his music or even (co-)directing and producing his music videos (“Happy Ever After”, “The Cigarette Boy”).

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