Danny releases “Mocoso”: his new single

Danny releases “Mocoso“, a new single in Spanish ahead again of its counterpart version in English. “Mocoso” is a pop song with signs of the 90’s. Also highly influenced by country, synth-pop and rap. Fun and outgouning, Danny with”Mocoso” wants to make everybody party this summer 2020. Written in January and recorded during the quarantine...

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“Mistaken”, el nuevo single de Danny

Como ya había anunciado Danny a través de las redes sociales semanas antes, hoy lanza Mistaken, el nuevo single a través de todas las plataformas digitales. Mistaken es una canción synth-pop inspirada en la música pop de los 80 y principios de los 90. El vídeo sigue el mismo patrón estético haciendo numerosas y diversas...

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Danny on the making of Relentless

Danny premieres “Relentless” music video

A week after Danny had released the single on all digital platforms, with no previous announcement Danny premiered the music video for “Relentless“, the introduction single for his forthcoming EP, “Strogi Slogi (Part 2)“, on Facebook and on YoutTube. The video shows a marooned Danny at a forsaken factory, surrounded by the void only filled with...

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“Relentless”, the next single

This morning Danny announced through his Instagram account that “Relentless” will be his forthcoming single. This will be the introduction song for his next EP, “Strogi Slogi (Part 2)”, which is the continuation of the EP released last Friday. At tyhe beginning of the year, a demo version of the song was uploaded to his...

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Release date for “Strogi Slogi (Part 1)”, Danny’s next EP

"Strogi Slogi (Part 1)" already has a release date: the EP with the updated tunes of "Schizophonic" will be released on on-line stores and streaming platforms on October 26th. The chosen single to promote both the EP and the album, "Goodbye, California" was released some days ago on Danny's official YouTube channel and his Facebook account. "Strogi Slogi (Part 1)" will feature one of the b-sides from "Schizophonic", "Blood in the Fridge". Here's the tracklist: Happy Ever After Goodbye, California Stronger than Death (Strogi Slogi) Blood in the Fridge However, there's no official date yet for the Spanish version of......

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