“Strogi Slogi (Part 1)” already has a release date: the EP with the updated tunes of “Schizophonic” will be released on on-line stores and streaming platforms on October 26th. The chosen single to promote both the EP and the album, “Goodbye, California” was released some days ago on Danny’s official YouTube channel and his Facebook account. “Strogi Slogi (Part 1)” will feature one of the b-sides from “Schizophonic”, “Blood in the Fridge”. Here’s the tracklist:

  1. Happy Ever After [Extended Edit]
  2. Goodbye, California [Alternate Mix]
  3. Stronger than Death (Strogi Slogi) [Interlude]
  4. Blood in the Fridge [Acoustic]

However, there’s no official date yet for the Spanish version of the EP yet.

“Strogi Slogi (Part 2)” will be released in a different way: a single per month after the release of the first part, with new songs written after the debut album was released.

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